Top Pre IDF Academy and Yeshiva Now Opening Summer Camp in Israel for High School Boys!


Don't let your son have all the fun!

It's the real deal

This summer experience the fun and adventure of going to Mechina Keshet Yehuda a Top Israeli Pre IDF Academy and Yeshiva well known and respected for its high ratio of graduates in the Elite IDF Commando Units and leadership positions.

"The Mechina" as it’s known has opened the Mechinat Keshet Yehuda’s IDF Commando Summer Camp for Religious boys.

You will be learning from Keshet graduates who are ready to enter the IDF and seasoned IDF Commandos.

You'll be trained by an Israeli Navy Seal! (Shayetet 13)

  • Gibushim (Mental & Physical Challenges)
  • Leadership – Learn to plan and Lead missions - Earn Rank
  • Covert Operation Training
  • Secret Missions on Land & Water
  • Survival Week - Learn to Live off the Land
  • Hand to Hand Combat Training (Krav Maga)
  • Day & Night Navigation Training and Missions
  • Meet Special Unit Commanders and Heroes that have fought for the Jewish Nation
  • Learn Hebrew
  • Tiyulim (Trips and Hikes)
  • Meet Israeli families
  • Volunteer at army bases
  • Meet and show your Solidarity for Lone Soldiers
  • Plus just have some good old fun:
  • Swimming, Hiking, Camping, Touring, River Rafting, Zip Lining, Bar-b-ques and much more!

Experience leadership, teamwork, solidarity with lone soldiers, the IDF and Israel and have the best summer of your life!

Keshet is the official Mechina selected by the IDF for all religious MACHAL inductees as well as being recognized one of the best IDF Mechinot in Israel
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Thinking about going into the IDF after High School?

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